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The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Professional Association was founded in 1999, by deputies who desired fair, competent and legal representation. They felt they should have the ability to choose who would speak for them, instead of an automatic assignment. LASPA believes its purpose is to serve the best interests of its members. As a LASPA member, we guarantee that you will receive exceptional customer service, outstanding representation and payroll reimbursement; all for a lot less than other labor organizations. LASPA members can rest assured that a LASPA attorney is always on-call and will roll out to shootings 24/7,  in addition to being available for any other situations that may arise after hours or on weekends.

If you’re seeking a professional association that consistently puts its members first, while offering outstanding benefits and low dues, join today!

*I also acknowledge that LASPA will not cover any pre-existing
investigations with LASD and/or suspensions prior to joining.