Additional Services

These services are provided to all LASPA members at a union discounted rate.


  • AFLAC: Dianne Seminaris

Dianne Seminaris, a licensed agent with AFLAC is ready to assist members who would like to join. 

Dianne understands the things deputies go through out in the field. She would like to make sure that they have the very best plans to assist them and their families in the event of an accident, illness or long term disability.  Dianne also works with many respected companies that offer various forms of coverage that you might find helpful.

LASPA periodically hosts special enrollment times. You may also call Dianne directly and she will come out to your unit of assignment or for a one-on-one appointment. 

Dianne can be reached at:
Cell: (909) 851-0595

  • Heroes First Responders: Luz Villarreal

  • Walter Henry Customized Employee Benefits: Walter Lewitz

Everybody deserves a better tomorrow.  Along with the core benefits offered by your Employer, we are making available to our members supplemental insurance products from Walter Henry Customized Employee Benefits.

These benefits give you peace of mind and are tailored to fit your insurance needs, and your idea of a better tomorrow.  Extra protection 24-hours, 7-days a week at work, home or while on vacation for you or your family in case of an accident.  Protection against a financial hardship due to the ongoing treatment of cancer. Life insurance that will pay living benefits that you don’t have-to-die to use because of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, by-pass, or heart stent or even a major injury. Finally, all programs are guaranteed issued, no medical questions and no one can be turned down. For additional information contact: Walter Lewitz @ 714-227-2605, or go to:        

  • Personal Injury: Adam L. Marangell

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, you will be facing many challenges. Dealing with insurance, doctors, missing work, loss of income, vehicle repair, paperwork and most importantly, recovering. Adan L. Marangell is an experienced personal injury attorney and can be a huge help during this process. 

Please visit him at or contact him directly at (714) 769-9152.

  • POPA Federal Credit Union

Members have the freedom of joining POPA Federal Credit Union.  POPA offers great services, rates and direct deposit.  Please visit them at or contact them directly at (800) 369-7672.