At LASPA we pride ourselves on providing outstanding legal representation. We have successfully handled on and off duty shootings and criticial incidents. Read what a few of our members have to say about LASPA:

Deputy Castillo

During my ordeal, I immediately contacted LASPA and spoke with Jessica.  Jessica took the time to listen to me, showing a deep understanding of my situation with a lot of empathy and compassion.  She immediately put me in contact with their General Counsel Mr. Adam Marangell.  He immediately became my counsel during the administrative part of the investigation.  LASPA has also been supporting me tremendously with the expenses incurred by my criminal defense case.  I thank the LASPA Board, the staff and Adam for their support during this difficult time.  They made a tough situation much easier.

Deputy Castro

Very prompt service, very happy with LASPA Attorney Mr. Marangell.

Deputy Rodriguez

Thank you very much LASPA! Your office staff is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions or assist with any problems. I have not used your legal representation, but I know if I ever need your assistance, LASPA will be there for me. Thanks again!

Deputy Alvarado

LASPA’s Legal Services are very helpful. Their General Counsel is very knowledgeable and they will even answer questions that don’t pertain to work related issues. Keep up the Good Work LASPA

Deputy De La O

I was involved in an on duty hit shooting on 12/17/11. Suspect was armed and it was later discovered he had Methamphetamine in his system. LASPA Attorney-Adam-was there for me from start to finish. Case was cleared 15 months later.

Deputy Chamness

I am very satisfied with LASPA’s customer service as well as legal representation. I have used ALADS and LASPA both for representation and I can tell you hands down LASPA is a better more professional; 10 times better attorney and they actually care about the case outcome. If it wasn’t for the payroll reimbursement benefit I don’t know what I would have done to provide for my family. The dues are worth every penny and I will continue to be a member for the duration of my career. Thank you for all your help.

Deputy Gonzalez

LASPA is by far a better choice for legal representation. I joined LASPA in 2002 because my previous union did not represent me fairly. Their office staff is very courteous and professional; they returned my phone calls at a promptly time. Their dues are not set too high since they offer payroll reimbursement for suspensions. I am telling you choose LASPA for your union, you wont regret it.