About Us


LASPA’s mission is to keep our members well-informed. That is why you’ll find these FAQs about LASPA helpful. If you have a question that is not covered below, please contact our office at (323) 981-2850 or submit your question(s) through our Contact Us page, and we will provide a prompt response.

What is LASPA’S purpose?

LASPA was founded in 1999 to provide employees of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a union that holds and represents its members’ best interests. In order to stay competitive with other unions, LASPA provides all of its members with a variety of services.

Who founded LASPA & Why?

Deputies with a desire to provide LASD personnel with an alternative to their current unions and a choice in union representation. LASPA was born out of conflict between the founders of LASPA and the leaders of their previous union, the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff’s (ALADS). The conflict was a result of one simple reason, that some members of ALADS wanted public information to be made available. They wanted ALADS to publish its financial statements, its contracts with employees and attorneys, expense account records and allow all members of ALADS to be eligible to run for office; all the basis of a democratic organization.

How has LASPA grown in the past 21 years?

We currently have a new and enthusiastic Board of Directors that want to make a difference, while keeping our members’ best interest in mind. Our mission is to provide the finest services available to law enforcement with our experienced panel of attorneys fighting for you. Our success speaks for itself; we have sustained our membership at well over a thousand members and it continues to grow. We definitely welcome LASD personnel who are in search of a better union.

Why has there been so much controversy surrounding LASPA?

Since the inception of LASPA, there has been a great deal of passion and struggle surrounding the opposition to ALADS. Over time we have come to learn that it’s in our best interest to not entertain the angry rhetoric of other unions and stick to what we do best; representing our members ethically and responsibly. We are very pleased with the results, which is evident in the significant increase in our membership.

How are LASPA dues spent?

All dues paid to LASPA are used to improve and expand benefits. In fact, on demand, members are able to obtain a financial breakdown illustrating how their dues money is spent.

How does LASPA compete with other unions?

We are different from the other unions in several ways; first and foremost, we firmly believe that a union should be managed to serve the best interest of its members. We know what members need and expect from their union, and we provide our members with union experience and expertise, better customer service, a stellar group of attorneys with a 24/7 roll out team and payroll reimbursement, all for far less then what other unions charge. We are not here to overtake any other union; but rather, to provide the department with a democratic choice in representation.