Fulgent Updates

Dear Members,

As you know, we filed a lawsuit against the Department regarding the Fulgent registration system.  We were rightly concerned regarding your privacy and, in this regard, had serious misgivings as to how Fulgent would manage your personal information. Yesterday, the Sheriff confirmed the points made in our pleadings to the court. Namely, the Department has decided not to require its employees to register with Fulgent and, furthermore, will not require any employee to submit to COVID testing administered by Fulgent. We are pleased the Department has taken this position and remind you that we were the only union to take legal action on behalf of any group of Department employees regarding this issue.

Sheriff’s Letter to BOS re: Fulgent

Dear Members, As you know, we filed a lawsuit against the Department regarding the Fulgent registration system. After we filed our briefs and evidence in support of an injunction, the Department decided got provide an alternative to direct Fulgent registration; some thing we argued for before filing our lawsuit. The Department, via Commander Robert Lewis, has sent the below email to all unregistered employees:

“You are receiving this email because on September 30, 2021, all Department members were ordered to register in the Fulgent system.  That order remains valid and our records indicate you have failed to comply with this order.  If your reluctance to comply with this order is due to a fear of entering your information into the Fulgent system, we are offering a final opportunity to assist you in your compliance.  You may provide your information directly to Personnel Administration Bureau by following the link below; this information will not be shared outside of the Department.

*** This information is vital for managerial decision making regarding public safety and we encourage you to support the Department in this endeavor.  Please follow the link below, which again will only be viewed by Personnel Administration Bureau.  Thank you for reviewing the contents of this email.”


We encourage you to follow the link in your email (the above link may not work for you).  We are pleased we caused the Department to provide an alternative to Fulgent, as we do not believe Fulgent is the proper repository for your personal information.