Rob L. Sergi

Rob L. Sergi's Biography

     Robin Sergi is a retired Lieutenant with the Long Beach Police Department with 26 years of service. He retired in December 8, 2006. As a
police officer and supervisor with Long Beach Police Department, Mr. Sergi held a variety of assignments including, vice, undercover detective, Career Criminal Apprehension, Robbery, SWAT Air Support and patrol. Mr. Sergi has extensive experience training police officers in the use of less lethal, chemical agents, weaponless defense, firearms and police tactics.
     Mr. Sergi spent several years on the board of the Long Beach Police Officer Association. He passed the bar in 1992 and has devoted his entire practice to the field of police labor and police officer discipline cases. During Mr. Sergi’s time with the Long Beach police department and representing officers all over the state he learned the importance of having a strong union and just as important having available to its members aggressive and reliable legal representation.
     As a Long Beach Police Officer Association Director he chaired the Political Action Committee (PAC) where he gained invaluable experience
dealing with local and state politicians and other government officials. As part of the PAC Mr. Sergi dealt with local elections and with the candidates that sought the endorsement of the Long Beach Police Officer Association. Mr. Sergi was part of the contract negotiating team for the Long Beach POA.
     Mr. Sergi was General Counsel of the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS). Since Mr. Sergi’s retirement from the Long Beach Police Department he was with a law firm representing officers throughout the state of California. Mr. Sergi has his own practice and is currently the conflict attorney for the Long Beach Police Officers Association and the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs. He has firsthand experience handling Officer involved shootings from all perspectives, as an officer involved in an OIS, as a POA rep, as an incident commander and as an attorney
     As a police officer Mr. Sergi has experience in just about every facet of police work. Mr. Sergi’s experience as a police officer, police manager and attorney brings a unique perspective to handling any case including complex and serious police discipline matters. As an attorney he has handled police discipline cases from the very beginning all the way through to the Appellate level.