LASPA Financial Assistance Program

Since LASPA’s inception, which is approaching its 15th year anniversary, our members have been paramount to our union. To this day, we are proud of all our accomplishments, and most importantly, continuously putting our member’s best interest first. We continue to service members ranging from Security Assistants to Captains, and no matter which rank or level of membership, everyone is treated equality and is essential to our union. 

LASPA truly continues to be “The Members Union,” and we take pride in this! With our union dues set at a consistently low rate, our members are able to receive some of the most comprehensive benefits. Our members are able to rely on some of our most popular services, for example: having the ability to rely on payroll reimbursement, and to be represented by a licensed attorney (who specializes in law enforcement bylaws, and that is on call 24/7 for rollouts and legal questions). 

Throughout the years, LASPA has regularly been donating to many L.A.S.D. events and functions, which include unit fundraisers, tournaments, etc. We are proud to say that even with the large volume of donation requests; we were able to donate to the majority of them. But our benevolence does not stop there, throughout the years we have also noticed a significant increase in donation requests from some of our fellow members (who can’t work due to an on/off duty injury, or are caring for a terminally ill family member). We at LASPA acknowledge that things happen unexpectedly, and when someone is injured or can’t work, they are set back financially. When a member or one of their immediately family member is facing a financial hardship or special circumstance, we are proud to say that thus far have never turned our backs. 

Even with the increase in requests for monetary donations, LASPA wants you to know that if you are interested in receiving a donation for yourself or an immediate family member who is in need, all you have to do is write a letter or email explaining your special circumstance to our LASPA Board of Directors at . 

Remember that you are not alone, and as a LASPA member you can count on our support!