Cesar Romero


Deputy Cesar Romero is a twenty-six year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He is currently assigned to the Success Through Awareness and Resistance (STAR) Unit. The STAR Unit Department collaborates with educators, parents, students and the community to provide drug, gang and violence prevention education to students throughout the Los Angeles County.

Deputy Romero’s career with the Sheriff’s Department began in 1990, as an Intern assigned to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station. He graduated from the Sheriff’s Academy in 1992 and was assigned to the Wayside Honor Rancho, North Facility for a year before transferring to the Men’s Central Jail for six years. In 1996, Deputy Romero was assigned to patrol at East Los Angeles Station and then the Community Relations Program in 2002.

Deputy Romero lives in the City of Walnut with his wife and daughter.

Daniel Vargas


Deputy Daniel Vargas has worked with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1994. Deputy Vargas has been assigned to several units throughout his career. Straight out of the academy, he was assigned to Men’s Central Jail, where he worked there for several years. In 1999, Deputy Vargas was assigned to patrol out of the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station. Once at the station Deputy Vargas alongside Deputy Cesar Romero worked with the Vida Program and Community Relations. Through this program they had the opportunity to work within the ELA Community, which included surrounding schools, churches, the Boys and Girls Club and the City of Commerce. Presently, Deputy Vargas is assigned to the Star Unit. Through this program he has the opportunity to educate children, parents and school administrators about gang violence and drug awareness. Deputy Vargas enjoys teaching and educating students. 

Deputy Vargas has been a LASPA member since its inception in 1999. He is more than happy to answer any questions about the importance of joining LASPA. 

Deputy Vargas resides in Chino with his wife and two daughters.

Mario Salazar


Sheriff Security Officer Salazar joined Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2001. Officer Salazar’s Unit of Assignments has been Court Services, Community College Bureau, and is currently assigned to Lancaster Station Schools Unit for Antelope Valley College.

Officer Salazar works jointly with college administrators and student workers who work alongside with college Sheriff Deputies and Sheriff Security Officers as college cadets.

Officer Salazar is one of the Cadet Coordinators and mentors for the cadet program. The Cadet program is a very successful and most cadets move on to become Sheriff Deputies, Sheriff Security Officers or Custody Assistants. Officer Salazar has been a LASPA member since 2005.

Mario Salazar resides in Palmdale with his wife and two sons.

Daniel Eifert


Deputy Daniel Eifert joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2001. Soon after completion of the academy, Deputy Eifert was assigned to the jail, Twin Towers for one year. After working for one year in custody he was then transferred to patrol in 2003 for Transportation Services Bureaus (TSB). Deputy Eifert is currently assigned to the Metro link Bureau. In 2010, he joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Professional Association (LASPA) where he currently holds the position of LASPA director. 

Deputy Eifert currently resides in Pomona with his wife and three daughters.

Gustavo Arida


Deputy Arida has been with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 17 years. He has worked several units throughout his LASD career. After graduating from the academy Deputy Arida was assigned to custody for four years at NCCF. Deputy Arida was then assigned to patrol out of Compton Station. A few years after he transferred to Transportation Bureau in Downtown Los Angeles. Presently, Deputy Arida is assigned to a special SLA team for COPS Bureau. 

Deputy Arida resides in West Covina with his wife and 2 sons.

Victor Palacios


Sergeant Victor Palacios was first hired with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in June of 1996. Immediately out of the academy he started his Custody career at Men’s Central Jail. After several years of working at MCJ, he went onto Norwalk Station to patrol in 2001; this is where he also became a Field Training Officer (FTO). In 2006 he transferred to (T.S.B) under Homeland Security where he worked as a Motorcycle Officer. Sgt. Palacios was also assigned to ELA station from 2012-2016.  In 2016 Sgt. Palacios was promoted to Sergeant and is currently assigned to MCJ. 

I decided to become a LASPA Director because of all my passed experiences with LASPA. The first one was when I was first asked to join and become a member. I felt like I had nothing to ever worry about; for example, while working one night at one of my assigned stations I was asked to come in and speak to the Captain; I was unsure what it was about, so I asked if I needed any type of representation and Captain mentioned that it might not be a bad idea. So immediately after, I contacted LASPA I was told not to worry that Adam would be there in about 30 minutes; sure enough Adam was there quickly and represented me. The second time was when I was asked to attend the Police Unity Tour. I asked LASPA if they could help me with this work related trip, with no hesitation, I was given a check to help with my expenses. The check was very helpful and helped out with all my expenses. What more could a Deputy like myself ask from such a great union. I invite you to join LASPA, trust me you will also not worry about any situations that can occur! If you have any questions or concerns, Deputy Palacios can be reached at

Del Moore


Sgt. Del Moore has worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1994. He started his career as a Deputy working at NCCF; however he was quickly transferred to MCJ where he continued working at the jails for the next five years. In 2000, he began his patrol duties at East Los Angeles Station, then transferred to TSB, where he became a Bonus Deputy supervising several Security Officers. In 2014, he was promoted to Sergeant; where he currently is assigned to. Sgt. Moore has been a LASPA member since 2003, and has served as a Board of Director for many years. Sgt. Moore believes in LASPA and feels we are always here to support our members of LASD. Sgt. Moore can be reached at with any questions or concerns. 

Sgt. Moore resides in Ontario with his wife and 3 children..and a turtle!

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