Members Benefits

Advantages of joining LASPA

It is clear that LASPA is a better alternative to other unions.

  • Legal Representation
    Unlike most police unions, LASPA members are always provided a licensed attorney for every internal affairs interview and/or grievance, no matter how big or small the matter may be. LASPA does not use unit representatives and never will.

    In matters unrelated to their employment, members can choose a highly qualified attorney from our panel of attorneys who specialize in different fields of law, at a reduced rate. 
  • Payroll Reimbursement
    Unlike other unions, LASPA members have the peace of mind and can depend on payroll reimbursement for lost wages (up to 30 days) in the event of an administrative suspension without pay. *Please refer to our guidelines for full details about this advantage.
  • Flexibility of Coverage
    LASPA members determine how far to pursue issues, how their dues are spent and which benefits are provided. Other union’s benefits are determined by a self-appointed Board of Directors.
  • Disclosure of Financial Statements LASPA members can conveniently view our annual financial reports. Our financial records illustrate how our member’s money is being spent. We believe in full disclosure and on demand. In fact, it is part of our mission statement. Other unions do not disclose their financial information to its members, and therefore their members are left uninformed about the union’s business and spending. If you are interested in reviewing our financial reports, please contact our office with any questions/concerns.
  • Elections and Bylaws
    LASPA elections and bylaws are regulated by its entire membership and, to ensure the utmost integrity; outside independent agencies provide additional regulatory oversight. Other union’s elections and bylaws are controlled and/or unilaterally changed by the self-appointed Board of Directors. LASPA mandates term limits in order to maintain integrity on the Board of Directors. Also, LASPA Board of Directors volunteer their time to serve in their appointed positions, which differs from other unions who’s Board of Directors get paid to serve on the board.